Second Report of the Survey Study on Hong Kong Residents Recently Arrived in Canada

Dr. Miu Chung Yan and his team have published the second report of the captioned survey. In this new report, they further analyzed the data of the 660 respondents by classifying them into four different groups based on the document that they entered Canada. While sharing many similarities, respondents of these four major groups, who came to Canada with different immigration documents, have their unique challenges. Many of these challenges are caused by the Canadian immigration policies. As what the Canadian government has long tried to recruit globally through its immigration policy, our respondents are high functioning and eager to contribute to the Canadian labour market and society. Despite the many challenges that they have experienced in the settlement process, they have an unanimously positive perspective of their relationship with Canada. Their willingness and efforts to (re)settle and (re)integrate in Canada are clear. To facilitate their becoming a successful member of our society, six recommendations are made in the Report to urge governments and civic organizations to be more proactive in providing supports to welcome them.

Second Report of HKer Survey (Auguest 10 2023)