Graduate Practicum

Integrate theory, knowledge, and skills from course work while developing competencies for professional and ethical practice in the field of social work.

The Advanced Master of Social Work (MSW) practicum focuses on the student’s identified learning goals. The focus in the practicum is on building their skill base and developing a stronger theoretical and critically reflective approach to practice.

Incoming students will be contacted by the Field Education office shortly after admission to begin the process of organizing their placement.

Students will be asked to:

  • Complete a Placement Request Form, which asks them to reflect upon their learning goals for the placement, the knowledge and skills they bring to their placement, and ways they learn best.
  • Provide an updated copy of their resume and a general cover letter.
  • Attend a planning meeting with one of the Field Education coordinators to explore their learning needs and the options for practicum settings.

MSW students need to be available primarily after admissions, between March and August, to participate in this planning process and to attend interviews with prospective field instructors. Most MSW students have their practicum organized by August.

School Expectations of the Advanced MSW Practicum

Advanced MSW students complete one practicum that is 450 hours (approximately 60 days) in duration and the Integrative Seminar. Students usually do their practicum concurrently with courses. Typically, students attend practicum on Monday and Tuesdays from September until mid-April. A block placement in spring/summer (between mid-May and early August) is also possible for a limited number of students.

Field Practicum I – SOWK 560

  • Program Level: MSW SOWK 560
  • Frequency: As negotiated with the (Faculty) Supervisor
  • Duration: September to mid-April or block placement (450 hrs)

Required for SOWK 560 Field Education

Placements in a Healthcare Setting

Required for Students on Placement in a Healthcare Setting

  • HSPnet Consent Form
  • Immunization Requirement (All students requesting a practicum in a healthcare setting will be asked to complete a vaccination review with UBC Student Health Services. Completing the immunization verification does not guarantee a placement within a hospital or health authority.)
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