Build your knowledge and skills on foundational values of social justice and a caring society through the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree program at UBC Vancouver.

The UBC School of Social Work prepares students for generalist and advanced professional social work practice in diverse settings, including child protection, health and mental health, community development, and educational settings.

During your time at the School, you will build on your existing knowledges through study and research, develop your skills in field education practicums, and make valuable connections with faculty and fellow students.

We advise taking the prerequisite introductory courses and gain volunteer or paid experience working in social service agencies or organizations to determine if the social work profession is right for you.

The “Introduction to Social Welfare” and “Introduction to Social Work Practice” courses help you explore whether or not social work is the right profession for you before you make the commitment to a social work degree program. They also enable the School to see if you have an aptitude for our courses.

You may want to learn more about the BC Association of Social Workers, BC’s professional association for social workers, and the BC College of Social Workers, the regulatory body for social work practice in BC.

In general, social workers require the following knowledge, skills and attributes to be effective:

  • excellent interpersonal, listening, and communication skills
  • interest in people
  • emotional stability, maturity, patience, and energy
  • independence, resourcefulness, responsibility, and ethical values
  • capacity to work well in small groups and collaborative environments
  • creative and innovative problem solving skills
  • understanding of one’s social location, beliefs and values
  • sensitivity to the beliefs and values of others
  • awareness of community, national, and international issues that affect how people live their lives
  • desire to make a difference

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

Gain the knowledge, values, and skills necessary for initial level generalist professional social work practice through our Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree program.
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