Survey Study on Hong Kong Residents Recently Arrived in Canada

Dr. Miu Chung Yan and his team have just published the results of the online survey on Hong Kong residents recently returned to or arrived in Canada. The study was aimed to fill the knowledge gap of this new wave of newcomers to Canada. The results of the survey indicate that this group of newcomers from Hong Kong are high functioning and have great potential and strong commitment to contribute to the Canadian society. Their profile matches very well with the expected characteristics of potential immigrants that the Canadian immigration policy has long targeted. However, their settlement and integration conditions are not without challenges. Only a small group of them, who came in Canada with a permanent resident status, are eligible for government funded settlement service. So far, most of them can only rely on their own skills and informal networks to resolve the many difficulties in the settlement process. While offering a Lifeboat Project to Hong Kong residents, Canadian government may need to consider offering more resources and support in their settlement process so they are better able to integrate and contribute to our society. For full report, please click.

HKr Survey First Report (June 12 2023)