Equity Banner Project – Artwork Contest

Earlier this year, UBC School of Social Work students were invited to submit art images to beautify the exterior of the Jack Bell Building but also to reflect our shared commitment to social justice and an ethic of care. They were asked to express in a creative way what equity and social justice meant to them. We planned to affix the images to the outside of our building as a lasting message to the UBC community. We received the three great submissions posted here.

Unfortunately, we also received notice that our building is to be renovated, right down to the studs, and that the artwork could not be saved. Hence, we decided to beautify our hallways, with warm congratulations and gratitude to our three artists.

Submission by Jeanie Suparman, 4th Year BSW

Title: Structural Social Work

Description: This is a depiction of trickle-down economy in the form of a reverse fountain, where there are abundant resources at the top and the system reduces it to nothing near the bottom. We are, however, a resilient bunch. Diverse grassroots organizations still arise despite the lack of resources, and perhaps one day, the profession of social work will break through the system.

Submission by Anna Jackson, 4th Year BSW

Title: the future doesn’t have to be scary

Description: The font used in this piece brings me back to the time in my life when the future was something I looked forward to. I remember being a geeky little child who finally got their little hands on a computer. I was so happy and excited! At the time, the possibilities seemed endless and I was eager to grow up.

A lot has happened in the world since then. Some things were great (woohoo, humanity!), some less so. Humankind is facing several existential crises and the future gives so many of us anxiety. I often think, “Did it have to be this way?” Most of the time the answer is “No, it didn’t.” We can build communities, systems, and societies that are kind, healthy, and hopeful. We have so much creativity and knowledge that the future, indeed, doesn’t have to be scary.














Submission by Angela Yang, 4th Year BSW

Title: Towards Equity, Social Justice and Inclusion

Description: It is a drawing of an apple tree showing equity, where every person has the opportunities and access to resources they need to reach an equal outcome in society based on their individual circumstances, and raised fists in the tree to show the fight for social justice. The coloured stripes on the bottom represent diversity and inclusion.