The School of Social Work at the University of British Columbia is currently engaged in implementing the comprehensive and progressive Educational Equity and Diversity Strategic Plan, approved on May 2013.

Mission Statement

The Equity Committee was established in early 2014, taking over the work of the Equity Taskforce. The Equity Committee was established to monitor and guide implementation of the School’s equity action plan and policies that consider curriculum, admissions and employment, including tenure and promotion.

Goals of the Equity Action Plan

The School of Social Work recognizes that progress towards equity requires addressing issues and challenges in a systemic and holistic way. Through the acceptance of this plan, the School of Social Work adopts the goal of working towards the realization of an equitable learning and working environment and creating open accountability measures for monitoring the implementation of this action plan and establishes a strategic commitment to achievement of this goal.


Download the Equity: A Strategic Vision & An Action Plan poster (PDF).


Link to Poster on Equity: A Strategic Vision and Action Plan


Recent and Current Activities

Read the Equity Committee’s December newsletter (PDF).