Planning Form (3rd Year BSW)

  • The purpose of this form is to compile pertinent information for planning and decision-making regarding the field placement. When completed, information in this form will be shared with potential field placement sites in preparation for the pre-placement interview. A copy will be retained in the School of Social Work.

    Please note although all attempts are made to secure an appropriate field placement for a student, the School of Social Work does not guarantee any student a particular field placement site. Authority for the assignment of field placement sites rests with the Field Education Coordinator. By signing this form, the student agrees that s/he/they will not unreasonably refuse a field placement site that the Field Education Coordinator has determined to be appropriate. In consultation with the student, refusal of an appropriate site may constitute a withdrawal from field placement. The student also agrees to the sharing of pertinent information with potential field placement agencies, in compliance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

    Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this form, please contact the Field Education Coordinators, Tina Buttar: and/or Jacky Coates:

  • Considerations for Field Planning

  • The focus of the third year placement is on social justice and you will be placed in a community-based setting. In order to begin this process, we would like you to begin to think about what you would like to learn in your third year placement.

    Please see the Code here:
    Please see the Field Education Policy Manual here:
  • Preferred Service Groups

  • Please indicate your first, second and third choice for preferred service groups.
  • UBC School of Social Work is committed to providing an equitable learning environment that promotes and supports academic achievement. If you have special circumstances like childcare or transportation concerns please let us know.

    The process for confirming accommodations for academic or practicum due to a disability is undertaken through the Centre for Accessibility to formally confirm the accommodation request. Please visit the UBC Centre for Accessibility website for more information.

    All students are advised to discuss their possible need for accommodation with the Field Education Coordinator.

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