BA, MA (1965/1968) University of Cambridge

Dip. SA (1966) London School of Economics

Graham Riches served as Director of the UBC School of Social Work from 1998 until his retirement in 2008. His early practice was in community development in Sarawak/Malaysia (Voluntary Service Overseas), Tanzania and in London and Liverpool (UK) as warden of the Liverpool University Settlement (1971-74). He joined academia as Lecturer in the new Department of Social Work, University of Hong Kong (1968-71), moving to Canada in 1974 as Assistant Professor in the new Faculty of Social Work at the University of Regina, teaching there until 1991. During this time he helped establish the Social Administration Research Unit of which he was Director for a number of years. In 1991 he was appointed the Foundation Professor and Chair of Social Work at James Cook University of North Queensland, Australia returning to Canada in late 1994 to the newly established School of Social Work at the University of Northern British Columbia of which he later became Chair.

He was a co-founder of the Canadian Review of Social Policy and of the Vancouver Food Policy Council and a board member of the Canadian Deans and Directors of Social Work (CASWE), and the Canadian Council on Social Development. His professional consultation has included a number of national and international bodies: the former Health and Welfare Canada; the Ministry of Social Affairs, Government of Finland; the UN Food and Agricultural Organization; the Heinrich Böll Institute, Germany the North-South Institute; the National Judicial Institute, Supreme Court of British Columbia; the Canadian Food Grains Bank; and Food Secure Canada.

His research and publications lie primarily in the field of poverty studies, human rights and social policy with a focus on the politics of hunger, food charity (food banking), social welfare and the Right to Food in Canada and the Global North. Today he remains active in research, writing and public speaking within BC, Canada and internationally about domestic hunger, social policy and the Right to Food. His most recent publication, co-edited with Tiina Silvasti, is First World Hunger Revisited: Food Charity or the Right to Food? (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014).



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