Christiana Bratiotis, Ph.D., MSW completed her Doctor of Philosophy at Boston University in the Interdisciplinary Social Work and Sociology program. Upon completion of her doctoral studies, Dr. Bratiotis was awarded a three year post-doctoral research fellowship at Boston University School of Social Work, where she served as director of the Hoarding Research Project.

Dr. Bratiotis is currently an Assistant Professor at University of British Columbia where she teaches graduate level practice courses and undergraduate social analysis. Dr. Bratiotis has also taught courses in social welfare and mental health policy and provided supervision to social work practicum students during her time at University of Nebraska Omaha and Portland State University. In 2010, Dr. Bratiotis was recognized with an Excellence in Teaching Award by Boston University.

Dr. Bratiotis’ primary area of research is the formation and operation of multi-disciplinary community interventions for hoarding, including the formation and operation of hoarding task forces highlighted in her book titled “The Hoarding Handbook: A Guide for Human Service Professionals” released by Oxford University Press.

Dr. Bratiotis has given more than 150 invited community lectures, key note addresses, agency clinical trainings and academic presentations on the nature and treatment of hoarding. Her work has been highlighted by media outlets including the New York Times, Boston Globe, and Chicago Tribune.

Selected Publications:

Bratiotis, C., Steketee, G., & Sorrentino, C. (2011). The hoarding handbook: A guide for human service professionals. New York: Oxford.

Bratiotis, C. (2013). Community hoarding task forces: A comparative case study of five task forces in the United States. Health and Social Care in the Community, 21(3), 245-253.

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Bratiotis, C., Davidow, J., Glossner, K. & Steketee, G. (2016). Requests for help with hoarding: Who needs what from whom? Practice Innovations, 1(1), 82-88.

Kwok, N., Bratiotis, C., Luu, M., Lauster, N., Kysow, K., Woody, S.R. (2016, submitted). Examining the role of fire prevention on hoarding response teams: Vancouver fire and rescue services as a case study. Fire Prevention.