Antoine Coulombe, MSW, RSW, joined the Faculty as a full-time instructor on January 1st, 2019.

Antoine’s career in Social Work started in the late 90’s. He has a BSW from the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi and a MSW from the University of Quebec in Montreal. He has over 12 years of Social Work experience in different areas with individuals, groups and communities in a diversity of health care, school and non-profit settings. He has worked with youth, families, adults, sexual minorities and the homeless, as well as persons with disabilities, chronic disease, and mental illness and from different cultural backgrounds.

Early in his career, as a Social Worker and Community Organizer, he developed and consolidated the first resources to support LGBTQ+ youth in the Quebec City region and organized awareness programs in schools and youth services about LGBTQ+ realities in order to fight against homophobia. He also contributed to advancing LGBTQ+ rights and was a member of the committee responsible for writing the first policy against homophobia for the Quebec Government. During his Master’s degree, he conducted research on the empowerment perspective when working with LGBTQ+.

He served as a full time Social Work instructor at Marie-Victorin College’s School of Social Work. For over ten years, he taught Social Work theory and practice through the delivery of seven different core, elective and COOP courses. He also collaborated on research exploring the applications of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in teaching Social Work.

Antoine moved to Vancouver in summer 2016. Here, he focused on Social Work in health care, through his roles first as the Director and Social Worker at the British Columbia Resource Centre for persons with Huntington Disease, and then as Patient Services Manager of the Centre for Brain Health at UBC Hospital.


In his new role at UBC, he is interested in learning more on how to create accessible, safe, engaging and reflective learning environments in which students can thrive, become active citizens and competent Social Workers.


For more information about Antoine’s Resume see the following link:

Winter 2020

SOWK335 Topics in Social Analysis for Social Work Practice Sections

Theoretical considerations of relevance to social work practice.

Winter 2020

SOWK440C Integrative Seminars in Social Work - INTGRTV SEM SOWK Sections

A series of seminars offered during the final term of studies which address salient issues in social policy and social work practice and draw upon combined knowledge from social work and related disciplines.

Winter 2020

SOWK550 Social Work and Social Justice Sections

Winter 2020

SOWK529A Communities and Social Development: Debates, Approaches and Fields of Practice - CMNTY & SC DEV Sections