Field Education

Foundation MSW

School expectations of a MSW foundation level practicum:  The foundation level MSW practicum focuses on providing learning and practice opportunities to develop foundation social work skills. The purpose of the practicum is to provide an opportunity to experience the core elements of social work in a work situation, and for the development of competencies necessary for generalist social work practice. Students will be in the field in term 2 starting in January on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Fridays (450 hours @8 hours/day = approximately 56 days).

Foundation MSW Students – Field Practicum – SOWK 506

Students in the MSW Foundation program complete two practica during their degree: each Practicum is for 450 hours. The first year practicum (Foundation) is done concurrently with courses, and students are in the field on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from January to May. The second year practicum (Advanced) normally takes place on Monday and Tuesday of each week during the academic year. For those who choose to complete a thesis you are still required to complete the Integrative Seminar.

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