Course Outlines

Academic Year 2017-18

Course Outlines (where appropriate) will be posted as soon as they become available.

Year 2017-18:

SOWK 200: Introduction to Social Welfare

SOWK 201: Introduction to Social Work

SOWK 400: Canadian Social Policy

SOWK 405: Social Work Practice II

SOWK 415: Practicum II

SOWK 416: Advanced Integrative Seminar in Social Work Theory, Policy and Practice

SOWK 425 (001 and 002): First Nations Social Issues

SOWK 440B: Social Work Theory and Practice in Addictions

SOWK 440c / 529A: Communities, Social Development and Participatory Action Research

SOWK 440K: Trauma-Informed Social Work Practice

SOWK 440Q: Social Work in Health Care

SOWK 441: Social Context of Child Development

SOWK 442: Policy and Practice in Child Welfare

SOWK 450: Social Work Practice in Community Mental Health


Academic Year 2016-17

Summer 2017:

Year 2016-17: