BSW (Western), MSW (Toronto), PhD, Social Policy and Political Theory (London School of Economics and Political Science).

Tim is currently Professor at the School of Social Work and Director of the Centre for Inclusion and Citizenship. He has held faculty appointments at the University of Wales Swansea where he was Director of Social Work, McGill University, and was tutor in Social Policy at the London School of Economics. In 2008/9 he was the Sir Allan Sewell Visiting Fellow at Griffith University, Australia.

Prior to his academic career he worked in the field of intellectual disability in a number of roles including as Director of Policy and Programmes for the Ontario Association for Community Living and at the Community Living Society in Vancouver as a service broker working on the deinstitutionalization of provincial institutions.

He is author of numerous works on service and supports for people with intellectual disabilities, disability rights, individualized funding, history, ethics and theory. He is active in the disability rights and community living movements and is a board member of several advocacy organizations. He was a founding member of the International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disability (IASSID) Special Interest Research group on Ethics.

Tim has lectured and consulted internationally on issues of service delivery, structure, self-determination and individualized funding and other disability related topics for many years.

Winter 2019

SOWK400 Canadian Social Policy Sections

Analysis of race, gender, class and culture as factors in the distribution and delivery of Canadian social benefits and social services.

Winter 2019

SOWK453 Disability and Justice Sections

This Interprofessional Health and Human Service (IHHS) course considers how health and human service professionals can effectively practice with people with disabilities from a social justice perspective. Social and personal context and practice responses are examined. Offered as IHHS 407 prior to September 2015. Credit will be granted for only one of SOWK 453 or IHHS 407.

Winter 2019

SOWK550 Social Work and Social Justice Sections

Selected Current and Recent Research Projects:

Catalyzing Research in “Dis/ability Arts, Culture, & Public Pedagogy: A/r/t/ographies for Access for and by Youth with Disabilities. UBC-VPRI, L. Roman, T. Stainton, R. Hole, J. Beaudry, K. Johnson. Complete.

Promoting Human Flourishing in the Context of Medical Assistance in Dying. Canadian Association for Community Living, T. Stainton. In Progress.

Sexual health Knowledge and Adults with Intellectual Disabilities: A Participatory Theatre Project. Vancouver Foundation, R. Hole, T. Stainton, L. Snellert, R. Chilton. Complete.

The BC Transitioning Youth with Disabilities and Employment  – “The TYDE Project. Canadian Institutes for Health Research and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, R. Hole, J. Bottorff, J. Corbett, L. Schnellert, T. Stainton, R. Young. Complete.

An Evaluation of the National Ready Willing and Able Employment Initiative fpr People with Intellectual Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder. CACL & CASDA-2015-2018.

Giving in Action Fund Cost Benefit Analysis. Vancouver Foundation, M.Evans, T. Stainton, R. Hole. Complete

Transition to adulthood as goal-directed projects for youth with intellectual disabilities and their parents. SSHRCC Richard Young, Sheila Marshall, Tim Stainton, Anat Zaidman-Zait. In Progress.

Mapping Inclusive Employment Practices for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities: A Participatory Research Mapping Approach. The Social Research and Demonstration Corporation from the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation with the BC Centre for Employment Excellence R. Hole, T. Stainton, Jon Corbett.

Service Restructuring, Employment Outcomes and Opportunities for People with Disabilities in BC’s Labour Market. I Am Cares. T. Stainton, R. Hole. Completed 2015.

Diversifying health human resources: Exploring the experiences of practitioners with disabilities in the health professions. CIHR.     T. Jarus, Krupa, T., Rozanova J., Roberts E., Stainton, T., Hole R., Warick R., Lee M., Groening M., Murphy S., Opini B., Parhar G., Roberts, B., Parhar A., Chen S., Fink-Jensen K., Shankar S.. In Progress.

Selected Recent Publications:

Young RA, Marshall SK, Stainton T, et al.(2017) The transition to adulthood of young adults with IDD: Parents’ joint projects. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disability. 2017;00:1–10.

IN PRINT: Stainton, Tim (2017) Moving towards full citizenship and inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities. Research and Practice in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. 4:1. pp 1-3.

IN PRINT: Fleming, P., Furlong, M., McGilloway, S., Keogh, M., Hernon, M., Stainton, T. (2016). Protocol: Personal budgeting interventions to improve health and social care outcomes for people with a disability: A systematic review.  The Campbell Collaboration.

IN PRINT: Stainton, Tim (2015) Supported decision-making in Canada: principles, policy, and practice. Research and Practice in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

IN PRINT: Hole R., Robinson, C., Stainton, T. Lige, S., Crawford C. (2015) Home sharing and people with intellectual disabilities: Tips from the experts!.  Journal of Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities. Volume 12 Number 4 pp 279–287 (doi: 10.1111/jppi.12138).


IN PRINT: Stainton, T. (2018) ‘Reason, Value and Persons: The Construction Of Intellectual Disability In Western Thought From Antiquity to the Romantic Age’. In Roy Hanes ed. Routledge History of Disability.( Abingdon:Routledge.)

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