Mohamed Ibrahim completed his Doctor of Philosophy (Simon Fraser University); Master of Social Work (Washington University in St. Louis), Registered Nursing and Psychiatric Nursing (Kenya Medical Training College). Post Masters Certificate in Global Mental Health in Refugee Trauma and Recovery (Harvard University).

Dr. Ibrahim is a past clinical addiction fellow at the British Columbia Center on Substance Use.

He joins UBC School of Social Work as an assistant professor and teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in health and addiction. His clinical work covers over 20 years in community health in Kenya, refugee health with Medicines Sans Frontiers at Dadaab refugee camp, mental health and addiction in Canada and USA where he worked in acute, tertiary and community mental health settings.

Winter 2020

SOWK440B Integrative Seminars in Social Work - INTGRTV SEM SOWK Sections

A series of seminars offered during the final term of studies which address salient issues in social policy and social work practice and draw upon combined knowledge from social work and related disciplines.

Winter 2020

SOWK559 Advanced Integrative Seminar Sections

Advanced development of professional judgment, critical reflection, and integration of theory, practice, research, policy.

Winter 2020

SOWK560C Directed Field Studies in Social Work II - DIR FLD STUDIES Sections

Research and scholarship interest focuses both local and global. Locally in mental health & addiction among new immigrants and refugees and globally in global mental health.

Mohamed is currently a co-investigator on a multi-year SSHRC grant on realizing human rights and equity in community mental health in Kenya, Australia and Canada. He is PI on a Hampton grant investigating the role of service user organizations in decolonizing mental health services in Kenya.

He is a reviewer for the Association of Multidisciplinary Education and Research in Substance Use and Addiction (AMERSA) and the BC Center for Substance Use.

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