Deborah O’Connor has over 30 years of direct professional Social Work practice working in the field of aging and health care. This includes maintaining a small, ongoing practice providing consultation on complex cases, especially when there are issues related to decision-making capacity and/or abuse, neglect or self-neglect.

Deborah is the founding director, and current co-director of the Centre for Research on Personhood and Dementia (CRPD) — an interdisciplinary research centre focused on understanding and supporting people with dementia and their family care partners using a lens that recognizes that the dementia experience is both a biomedical AND a social condition.

She is a founding member of the Citizenship and Dementia: International Research Network.

She has been a social worker for over 35 years. Her professional and research practice has predominantly focused on issues related to social work practice in the field of aging and she is particularly well-recognized for her work related to dementia, personhood and citizenship. She brings a lens to her work that strives to examine and make explicit the interface between the personal  experience and socio-political context. Within her teaching, she tries to foster critical thinking and the articulation of the link between theory, practice and research.

Winter 2020

SOWK531 Social Work Practice in the Field of Aging Sections

Winter 2020

SOWK559 Advanced Integrative Seminar Sections

Advanced development of professional judgment, critical reflection, and integration of theory, practice, research, policy.

Winter 2020

SOWK560C Directed Field Studies in Social Work II - DIR FLD STUDIES Sections

Winter 2020

SOWK654 Advanced Qualitative Inquiry Sections

Ongoing research studies include

  • Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) (2018 – 2021) Putting Social Citizenship into Practice: Reducing Stigma and Promoting Social Inclusion of People with Dementia ($700,000;  Co-Principal Investigator – ongoing)
  • Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) (2018 – 2021)  “Do you really know what I want?” Voices of People with dementia in shared decision-making about living well to end of life ($200,000;  Co-investigator  (Susan Cox – PI) ongoing)
  • The theory and practice of understanding and assessing incapacity – contracted book in progress
  • Health care decision-making and incapacity

Special Edition Journal

O’Connor, D. & Nedlund, A-C (guest co-editors) (2016) Citizenship and Dementia Special Edition, Dementia: International J. of Social Research & Practice, 15(3)

Refereed Publications

O’Connor, D. (2020) Practicing social citizenship in a context of compromised decision-making capacity: Realizing and Protecting Human Rights. Elder Law Review 12

O’Connor, D. & Mann, J. (2019) The meaning of ‘collaboration’: a candid conversation between a researcher and a dementia advocate. Nedlunds, A.C., Bartlett, R. & Clarke, C. (eds) Everyday Citizenship and People with Dementia. London: Routledge

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