Course Outlines

Academic Year 2018-19

Course outlines (where appropriate) will be posted as soon as they become available. Please check back for updates.

Summer 2019:

SOWK 316/416/516/559: Advanced Integratived Seminar in Social Work Theory, Policy and Practice

SOWK 315: Practicum I

SOWK 415: Practicum II

SOWK 440H: Social Work and the Law

SOWK 506: Practicum II

SOWK 521: Social Work Practice in Addictions

SOWK 526A: Social Work Practice with Individuals and Couples

SOWK 553C: Quantitative Methods in Social Work Research: Term 1, Term 2

SOWK 560: Advanced Practicum

Year 2018-19:

SOWK 200: Introduction to Social Welfare

SOWK 201: Introduction to Social Work

Academic Year 2017-18

Summer 2018:

Year 2017-18: