Funding Sources


Bursaries are non-repayable awards that are granted primarily on the basis of financial need. If you have successfully demonstrated to the UBC’s Student Financial Assistance and Awards office that you have unmet financial need you may apply for a bursary. First consideration is normally given to those who have also applied for provincial or federal government assistance.


See Student Aid BC for information on how to apply for funding through the federal Canada Student Loans program or the provincial Student Aid BC programs. More information on student loans is also available from UBC’s Student Financial Assistance and Awards office.

Prizes and Awards

These prizes and awards can take the form of cash, books, or medals, and are usually valued at less than $500. Normally they are awarded on the basis of academic achievement, much like a scholarship, but may also reflect your outstanding citizenship and the overall contribution you make to the School of Social Work. Often they are awarded to the student who earn the highest grade in a specific course.

One prize requires application and this is advertised to the student emailing list at the appropriate time. The Seebaran Essay Prize (approximately $750) requires submission of an essay on community development or anti-racist social work education (April 1 deadline).


Scholarships are granted in recognition of academic excellence. Top-ranked students will be considered automatically for scholarships, which range in value up to approximately $1,200. The majority of these scholarships will be awarded in the late summer or early fall of each year. Most of these scholarships are based on GPA. For example, there may be a scholarship for the student entering 4th year with the highest GPA, or one for a student with the highest GPA planning to work with youth and children. These internal scholarships are assigned automatically so there is no need to apply: we do all the work for you.

Social work awards and prizes are assigned in April or May of each year and are based on performance in course work or field placements in the first year of the program. Again, there is no need to apply.

Outside of the School, there are also university-wide scholarships with various application processes.