B.A. (Philosophy) (1968) Collège des Jésuites, Québec City
BSW (1968-71) Université Laval
MSW (1978-79) University of British Columbia
Ph. D. (1985-89) University of Washington

Prior to joining the faculty in 1990, Paule McNicoll had 15 years of experience as a professional social worker in medical, psychiatric, educational and community settings. She was instrumental in founding the Multicultural Family Centre in East Vancouver at the beginning of the 1990’s. She taught research methodology, group work, health and mental health courses, and did research on health, mental health, and diversity issues.  She has published independently and with a few co-authors.  In particular, she spent several years as a co-researcher with Frank Tester (principal investigator) on many Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council grants to investigate the social history of the eastern Arctic. At the time of her retirement in January 2014, she had been the supervisor of over 100 graduate students, had been Graduate Chair, had served on multiple committees at the School and University levels and been an active member of the editorial boards of three publications: the Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health, Nouvelles Pratiques Sociales and Social Work with Groups.

Research & Teaching Interest: Health and mental health, disability, cultural diversity, group work, and participatory action research.

Selected Recent Publications

Tester, Frank J. and Paule McNicoll. (2009). “A voice of presence: Early Inuit contributions toward the Public Provision of Health Care in Canada, 1900-1930 “. Social History. 41.82 (2008): 535-561.

McNicoll, P. (2008). Response to “Toward a mission-based model for social work: A foundation for practice”. Social Work with Groups. 31.1: 25 – 28.

In Press. McNicoll, P., Doyle, K. and Original Abreast in a Boat Crew.  “As if by magic: the experience of women with breast cancer in Dragon Boat races. Creating Connections: Celebrating the power of groups. Ed. Lucia Berman-Rossi and Marcia Cohen. New York: The Haworth Press.

2006 Tester, F. J. and McNicoll, P. “”Why don’t they get it?” Talk of medicine as science, St. Luke’s Hospital, Panniqtuuq, Baffin Island”. Social History of Medicine. 19,1: 87 – 106.

2005 McNicoll, P. “Review of Kevin K Kumashiro’s Against common sense: Teaching and learning toward social justice. Social Work with Groups. 28, 2: 102-105.

2004 McNicoll, P. ‘Putting social justice on the agenda: Addressing habitual and social barriers’. In Carson, C., Fritz, A., Lewis, E., Ramey, J. and Sugiuchi (Eds.) 1923-2001 and beyond: Growth and development through group work. New York: The Haworth Press: 91 – 102.

2004 Tester, F. J. and McNicoll, P. ‘Isumaqijaksaq: Mindful of the state. Social constructions of Inuit suicide’. Social Science & Medicine, Volume 58, Issue 12, June 2004, Pages 2625-2636.

2003 McNicoll, P. “Review of Julian Rappaport and Edward Seidman’s Handbook of Community Psychology”. Review of: Against common sense: Teaching and learning toward social justiceCanadian Journal of Community Mental Health, 22, 1: 131-133.

Web site creation

Tester, F.J. and Mcnicoll, P. (2004 to present). Web site on the social history of the eastern Arctic

Recent Paper Presentations

2009 McNicoll, P. Cultural approaches to group work: New explorations, new frontiers. Annual Grace Coyle Lecture, Case Western University, Cleveland, Ohio. October 2009 2009 Tester, F. J. and McNicoll, P. Structural violence, Inuit housing, health and human rights: A postmortem of the 1962-63 TB epidemic, Eskimo Point, N.W.T. Paper presented at the 14th International Circumpolar Health Conference, Yellowknife, NWT. July 2009.

2009 Home, A.  and McNicoll, P. (2009). Groups for parents of children with FASD and other hidden disabilities: A study of facilitators’ views. Poster presentation at the 3rd International Conference on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Integrating research, policy and promising practice around the world: A catalyst for change. Victoria, BC. March 2009.

2008 McNicoll, P. and  M. C. Yan. Democratization of China: Social work and community construction. Paper presented at the Colloque sur le renouvellement démocratique des pratiques: Actions et interventions sociales. Organisé par la revue Nouvelles Pratiques Sociales, Montréal, November 2008.

2007 McNicoll, P. and Tester, F.J. From igloo to house – Inuit housing, past and present. Presented to the Annual Conference of the British Columbia Association of Social Workers; Vancouver. November 2007

2007 Home, A. and McNicoll, P.  Researching groups for parents of children with invisible disabilities: Bridging professional/peer and cultural divides.  Paper presented to the Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work, Social Sciences and Humanities Congress, Saskatoon

2006 McNicoll, P. and Home, A. Researching different groups for parents with invisible disabilities What can help, in which situations? International Symposium of the Association for the Advancement of Social Work with Groups, San Diego, California, United States. Oct, 12-15, 20062005. Tester, F. J. and McNicoll, P. Seeds of Dispersion: Inuit Contributions to Debate about the Public Provision of Health Care in Canada, 1900 – 1930. Centre of Canadian Studies. First Nations, First Thoughts Conference, Edinburgh, United Kingdom2004 McNicoll, P. Group work and globalization: A post-colonial reflection. 26th International Symposium of the Association for the Advancement of Social Work with Groups. Detroit, October 21-24, 2004. Invited plenary presentation.

2004  Allen , L.,  Doel , M., Hirayama, H., Kelly, T, McNicoll, P.,  P. T. Phan, P. T. and Spelters, S.  International group work (Invited presentation). 26th Annual International Symposiom of the Association for the Advancement of Social Work with Groups (AASWG). , Detroit, Michigan, United States

2004 McNicoll. P. and Tester, F. J. “Why Don’t they Get It? Talk of medicine as science, St Luke’s Hospital, Pangnirtung, 1933 -1938. The 14th International Inuit Studies Conference. Calgary, August, 11-14, 2004.

2004 Tester, F. J. and McNicoll, P. So Many Papers, So Much Time: Inuit Social History, Recording the Writing and Writing the Record. The 14th International Inuit Studies Conference. Calgary