B.A. (Honours Psychology) UBC
B.S.W., M.S.W., UBC
M.A. (Developmental Psychology), SFU
Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology), SFU

Mary Russell’s work on violence in families has included research on treatment programs for abusive men, services to and relationship beliefs of women who have been abused, and more recently, experiences of parents considered at high-risk of abusing or neglecting their children. In addition, she has published work on immigrant experiences and women’s experience with addictions treatment programs.

The focus on violence is reflected in her teaching wherein she was instrumental in developing a unique, inter-disciplinary, web-based course on Violence Across the Lifespan. Her previous teaching areas have included quantitative and qualitative research methods at the graduate level, and introductory research methods at the undergraduate level, as well as the inter-disciplinary course in health care ethics.

Her current research is part of a major interdisciplinary research consortium, CHILD, that is developing and fostering inter-disciplinary, community-university collaborative research efforts. In the past, Dr Russell has been a Board Member of the BC.Institute Against Family Violence and involved in practice and research collaborations with agencies such as Family Services of Greater Vancouver, and the Victoria Family Violence Prevention Society. At U.B.C., she has been active with the Faculty Association, including serving a term as President.

Recent Publications (since 1990)


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Conference Proceedings:

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Journal Articles:

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