MSW Practicum

The MSW Field Education Program

Advanced MSW

Advanced MSW students complete one practicum that is 56 days in duration and the Intergrative Seminar. Part-time students may follow a different pattern as their programs are individually organized.

An MSW field orientation is scheduled during the spring to welcome the newly admitted students and to provide initial information to begin the field planning process. Students then consult with the field education coordinator and their assigned faculty supervisor to explore the field setting that will be best meet their needs. MSW students are involved in field planning throughout the year as many are part-time students. Full time students normally organize their practicum during the summer months.

MSW students are advised to interview at several settings in order to identify the setting and field instructor that will allow them to build on their knowledge and skill in their professional development. Most MSW students have their practicum organized by August.

School Expectations of the Advanced MSW Practicum

The advanced level MSW practicum focuses on the student’s identified learning goals. MSW students are practitioners who are returning to specialize and strengthen their skills. As a result, the focus in the practicum is building on their skill base and developing a stronger theoretical and critically reflective approach to practice. A placement is 450 hours in duration. Advanced level MSW students can choose to do a practicum concurrently with courses or as a block placement. Typically students attend practicum on Monday and Tuesdays from September until Mid-April.

More information and student forms available here.

Course: Field Practicum I – SOWK 560

Program Level: MSW SOWK 560

Frequency: As negotiated with the (Faculty) Supervisor

Duration: September – mid-April or block placement. 450 hrs


Information and Forms

General Information

Advanced MSW

Required for Students on Placement in a Healthcare Setting

Please note: All students requesting a practicum in a healthcare setting will be asked to verify that all required vaccinations are up to date.