Introduction to Field Education

Field education is the ‘signature pedagogy’ of social work. It is the opportunity for students to have real life experiences within a supervisory relationship in a range of settings where knowledges, skills and values can be questioned, enriched and integrated. Because field education is an integral part of social work education, all students will have the experience of immersing themselves in practicums during their program. In order to facilitate the integration of learning within the field with the learning of course work, the practicum experience is supported by an integrative seminar and a faculty liaison.

As a Field Education team, we have two Coordinators, an administrative staff member and a faculty Chair.  Over the last several years, we have continued to demonstrate educational leadership and pedagogical innovation in the field education program. In addition to working with students to identify and articulate their learning objectives for practicum, finding and sustaining Field Instructors and placement sites, and facilitating matches of students and placement sites, we coordinate workshops for Field Instructors and Continuing Professional Development workshops for social workers on a wide range of topics. Our relationships with our community partners are of utmost importance to us and together we focus on providing quality field education experiences.

We continuously seek to improve our Field Education program at both pedagogical and practical levels.  We welcome feedback from the community and students in our program. If you have feedback or suggestions for us, or if you are interested in becoming a Field Instructor, we invite you to contact us.

We look forward to continuing to provide quality field education to all students in partnership with our community co-educators.