Indigenous, Rural or International Placements

Out of region, province and country placements can provide enriching experiences for students.

The School of Social Work is open to the establishment of field education placements outside of the Lower Mainland. These placements can provide opportunities for useful comparative studies for students, sometimes enriched by the experience of living in a different setting.

However, it is essential that students are well-prepared for the placements and that the Chair of Field Education is confident in the student’s ability to benefit from a distance educational experience.

The process for out of region and country placements have recently changed. International placements are now done with international agencies outside of Canada, made available through the UBC International Service Learning (ISL) Program. Students will need to submit a proposal to go on an international placement. Students do not search out and develop their own out of country international placements; instead, they are matched to existing placements vetted by the UBC ISL program.

Students who wish to have a practicum outside the Lower Mainland, but still within Canada, will also need to submit a proposal.

For more information, please see the section, “International Social Work Placement Process through International Service Learning” in the Field Education Policy Manual and talk to your field education coordinator.

Support for distance placements may be possible through the Remote Community Based Learning Fund.

Student Experiences

Working with the local community in Sechelt, BC

Learning about rural practice with the Tsimshian Nation in Prince Rupert

Gaining more independence with a placement in Nelson, BC