Rethinking Law in the Domain of Decision-making and Dementia

Rethinking law in the domain of decision-making and dementia” is part of the Colloquium Series from the Centre for Research on Personhood in Dementia (CRPD).

All are welcome to this colloquium. This is a chance for persons with dementia, family members, health professionals and researchers to engage in dialogue about emerging research.

Presenter: Dr. Sue Jarrad is currently a Research Fellow at the University of South Australia and an affiliate with Flinders University exploring the area of mediation and advance care directives. She has worked as a social work practitioner in psychiatry and community dementia care, and has held key leadership positions in Alzheimer’s Association (SA) in South Australia. Her expertise includes policy analysis, service development and advocacy, with a particular interest in socio-legal issues in later life. This presentation will focus on her recently defended PhD thesis work on decision-making and dementia using a socio-legal framework.