Policy, Citizenship, and Experience: A Braided Narrative

Part of the Colloquium Series from the Centre for Research on Personhood in Dementia, this colloquium is intended to facilitate discussion between service providers, researchers, policy makers and people with dementia and their family members. It will take place at 2080 West Mall, the Jack Bell Building, Room 200.

The event will feature Dr. Clive Baldwin, who is internationally recognized for his work on narrative and dementia studies. Prior to coming to Canada to accept a Canada Research Chair in Narrative Studies at St. Thomas University, he was part of the Bradford University Dementia Studies group, well known for its pioneering work in personhood and dementia under the leadership of Tom Kitwood.

In this colloquium, Dr. Baldwin will explore how narrative can act as a bridge over the divide between personal experience and the policy-making process, and thus can be viewed as a means to promote citizenship at various levels. View the colloquium poster.


For more information please feel free to contact Deb O’Connor at deborah.oconnor@ubc.ca.