Workshop: Child and Family Polyvictimization

Child and Family Polyvictimization: Informing Violence Prevention Policy and Services


Prof. Chan is the first to develop and apply the concept of family polyvictimization in his research studies. When studying the co-occurring victimization within a family, current literature often focuses on individual violence and fails to cover three forms of violence or more in a family. Prof. Chan’s studies fill the research gap by using families, instead of individuals, as units and investigating the prevalence and patterns of family polyvictimization.

Recently he published an article in which this insightful concept first appeared in the field. His development of the concept of family polyvictimization has brought to him integrative perspective of understanding family as a whole, providing irreplaceable implications for future research and practice.

While addressing violence in family context and his research on culture-specific interventions, Prof. Chan has also worked on the prevention of family polyvictimization. In this presentation, he will address the use of informal social control (including bystanders in informal network such as grandparents, relatives and neighbors) for the prevention of family violence. The development of the unique perspective of Asian has led to an approach that allows one to see family as a whole, and to utilize the powerful informal social network to help Asian families build safety support nets for the violence victims. He will also present his recent prevention program – Violence prevention from ago zero: Application of smartphone technology.

This workshop is co-organized by MOSAIC and the UBC School of Social Work.

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Professor CHAN Ko Ling Edward, Professor of Department of Applied Social Sciences, The Polytechnic University of Hong Kong

Photo of Dr. Ko-Ling ChanProf. Edward Chan is a Fulbright scholar, committed to the prevention of family violence through the development of high-impact and socially relevant research. He is an international leading scholar in the field of family violence studies with groundbreaking research on child and family poly-victimization. His major research interests include partner violence, child abuse and neglect, disadvantaged children with poverty and disability, and internal migration in the Chinese mainland.

An outstanding scholar with intellectual rigor and passion in his research, Prof. Chan received the Senior Scholar Award, RGC-Fulbright Hong Kong Research Scholar Program in 2013-14, and was awarded the RGC Humanities and Social Sciences Prestigious Fellowship Scheme in 2016. His international leadership was recognized by being nominated as the first social work academia board member of the Academy on Violence and Abuse, an international health professional association based in USA. He has also been appointed as Honorary Professor of Yonsei University, Seoul.