Alternative Knowledge Making: Workshop on Innovative Qualitative Methodologies

This free workshop provides a space for researchers and students who are interested in developing methodological skills through films, role plays and class exercises. We welcome those who are conducting all forms of qualitative research and interpretive analysis for their dissertations and thesis projects.

Capacity is limited. RSVP here by April 17, 2017.

Presented by Petula Sik Ying Ho, Professor in the Department of Social Work & Social Administration at the University of Hong Kong, this workshop will demonstrate how we can engage in the making of alternative knowledge through innovative methodologies leading to epistemological reconstruction and global cognitive justice (Santos, 2014). Petula’s work shows how we can achieve a more just and equal relationship among different kinds of knowledge leading to a new epistemology that does not grant a priori supremacy to scientific knowledge produced in the North with its colonialist, imperialist, racist and sexist assumptions (Santos, 2014, Bhambra, 2015).

In this endeavor, Petula has combined conventional with innovative and creative forms of knowledge production and exchange. She adopts what is known as “scholARTistry” (Neilsen, 2005) – hybrid practices combining tools used in the literary, visual, and/or performing arts with methods used by social scientists, in order to understand the lived experience of research participants. Her recent projects can be found on her website.

A light lunch will be provided.

View the event poster.