Integrated Seminars

SOWK 440 courses are a series of integrated seminars which address salient issues in social policy and social work practice, and draw upon combined knowledge from social work and related disciplines. All BSW students are required to take at least one SOWK 440 course in addition to their general elective requirements, but students are encouraged to take several of these courses to meet some or all of their elective requirements. Not all these courses are offered every year.

  • SOWK 440B – Addiction, Drugs and Everyday Life
  • SOWK 440C – Community Based Research & Community Social Development
  • SOWK 440G – Child Welfare
  • SOWK 440H – Social Work and the Law
  • SOWK 440I – Social Context of Child Development
  • SOWK 440J – Global Mental Health
  • SOWK 440K – Advanced Interviewing Skills