Child Welfare Specialization

Child Welfare Specialization Requirements

1) An appropriate practicum placement*

2) SOWK 441 Social Context of Child Development (Term 1 of 4th year)

3) SOWK 442 Policy and Practice in Child Welfare (Term 1 of 4th year)

an additional SOWK 440/450 elective from the list below.

Acceptable electives include:

SOWK 440B Addictions

SOWK 440H Social Work and the Law

SOWK 440J Global Mental Health

SOWK 440K Trauma Informed Practice

SOWK 440Q Social Work in Healthcare

SOWK 440R  Adolescent Development

SOWK 450 Social Work Practice in Community Mental Health

SOWK 453 Disability and Justice


*Appropriate placements include:

The Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) or a delegated agency such as Vancouver Aboriginal Child and Family Services Society (VACFSS) and other delegated agencies.

Placements can be completed in:

– Intake/Assessment

– Family Services (Child Protection)

– Youth/Guardianship

– Adoption

– Resources (Foster care etc.)

– Child and Youth with Special needs

– Collaborative Practice