BCASW Code of Ethics

The School of Social Work honours the BC Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics and all students sign the following declaration as part of their professional oath prior to field placement.

View the Code of Ethics at the BCASW website.


As a member of the profession, I commit myself to fulfill to the best of my ability the following obligations:

1. I will regard the well-being of the persons I serve as my primary professional obligation.

2. I will fulfill my obligations and responsibilities with integrity.

3. I will be competent in the performance of the services and functions I undertake on behalf of the persons I serve.

4. I will act in a conscientious, diligent and efficient manner.

5. I will respect the intrinsic worth of persons I serve in my professional relationships with them.

6. I will protect the confidentiality of all professional acquired information.

7. I will disclose such information only when properly authorized or when obligated legally or professionally to do so.

8. I will ensure that outside interests do not jeopardize my professional judgment, independence or competence.

9. I will work for the creation and maintenance of workplace conditions and policies consistent with the standard of practice set by this Code.

10. I will act to promote excellence in the social work profession.

11. I will act to effect social change for the overall benefit of humanity.