Advanced MSW Degree Requirements


MSW candidates must achieve the MINIMUM academic standing required by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies in a combination of courses from the areas below, totalling a MINIMUM of 30 credits of academic study. For students entering the programme in September 2012 or later, courses must include 9 credits of ‘core’ courses, 6 credits of core practice electives, and 6 credits of other electives. Courses from any part of the social work curriculum or from another UBC department (upon approval) may be taken for the elective credits. Students must also successfully complete a practicum (6 credits) and an advanced integrative seminar (3 credits).

THESIS: Although it is not required, students are encouraged to pursue an MSW thesis. They will be required to undertake an ADDITIONAL 6 credits, as well as find themselves a suitable supervisor from within the School.

The UBC Calendar contains specific information on policies and regulations on course work, graduate student status, and academic standing requirements, as well as information on tuition fees for both full-time and part-time graduate students. Please see and

Courses for the Advanced MSW

1. CORE COURSES (18 credits):
Theory (3 credits)
SOWK 550 Social Work and Social Justice
Research Course (6 credits)
SOWK 553C Quantitative Methods in SW Research, or
SOWK 554C Qualitative Methods in SW Research, or
SOWK 554C Program Evaluation Methods
Field Practice (9 credits)
SOWK 560C Practicum (6 credits)
SOWK 559 Advanced Integrative Seminar (3 credits)

Note: Not all courses will be offered each year – it depends upon the availability of the instructor. Courses are worth 3 credits unless otherwise noted.
Students are required to take at least two 3-credit electives from their chosen field of practice.
Family & Children Praxis:
SOWK 522 Family Mediation & Conflict Resolution (online),
SOWK 526 SW Practice with Individuals and Couples
SOWK 532 SW Practice with the Family
SOWK 570L Adolescent Development in Non-Familial Contexts
SOWK 572A Child and Family Policy and Practice
Health & Social Care Praxis:
SOWK 521 Addictions
SOWK 525 Mental Health Practice
SOWK 531 Aging
SOWK 551 Social Work in Health Settings
SOWK 453 Disability and Justice
Social & International Development Praxis:
SOWK 529 Community and Social Development
SOWK 570B Indigenous Peoples and Critical SW Analysis
SOWK 570K Historical Memories and Social Reconstruction
SOWK 571 Global Mental Health

3. General Electives (6 credits):
Students are required to take two 3-credit elective courses from any of the above courses or from the following list:

SOWK 514 Feminism in Social Work Practice
SOWK 524A Social Services Management
One SOWK 440/450 course or a 400 level SPPH course from the School of Population and Public Health or a 400-level CNPS course from Counselling Psychology