Mok Escueta, PhD RCSW

BSSW – University of the Philippines
MSW – San Francisco State University
PhD in Educational Studies – University of British Columbia

LCSW (California)
RCSW (British Columbia)

I have a combined total of nearly thirty years of professional social work field practice experience in the context of clinical social work/trauma psychotherapy, popular education, community development work, and social justice and change work in the Philippines, the United States, and Canada.

This includes development work in the Philippines as a member of the Philippine progressive movement with numerous people’s, community-based and not-for-profit organizations, dealing with extreme poverty, powerlessness, severe lack of resources and opportunities, oppressive systems and structures, violence, militarization, and revolution. My experience in advocacy work with Philippine Indigenous Peoples’ efforts at ancestral domain defense and struggle for their right to self-determination continues to influence my practice.

I have been a clinical social worker/trauma psychotherapist working with people in very difficult life circumstances including homelessness, poverty, ill-health, chronic mental health concerns, problematic substance use, domestic violence, discrimination due to sexual orientation; community/systemic violence, and war, for over fifteen years in the United States and Canada.

As a Registered Clinical Social Worker (RCSW) in BC, I continue to provide individual, couple, family, and group trauma psychotherapy services, mostly with Canadian veterans of the military and the RCMP, their partners, and families.

I have extensive field practice/clinical social work experience, particularly in and in contexts of trauma, and continue to practice using a social justice lens to contribute to peoples‘ efforts at creating a more equitable society.