Child Welfare Specialization

Child Welfare Specialization Requirements

1) An appropriate practicum placement*

2) SOWK 441 Social Context of Child Development (Term 1 of 4th year)

3) SOWK 442 Policy and Practice in Child Welfare (Term 2 of 4th year)

an additional SOWK 440/450 or SPPH elective from the list below.

Acceptable electives include:

SOWK 440H Social Work and the Law

SOWK 440K Advanced Interviewing Skills – Trauma Informed Practice

SOWK 440R  Adolescent Development

SOWK 450 Social Work Practice in Community Mental Health

SOWK 451 Health Care Team Development

SOWK 453 Disability and Justice

SPPH electives include:

SPPH 408 Topics in Aboriginal Health: Community-based Learning Experience

SPPH 411 Violence Across the Lifespan

*Appropriate placements include:

The Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) or a delegated agency such as Vancouver Aboriginal Child and Family Services Society (VACFSS) and other delegated agencies.

Placements can be completed in:

– Intake/Assessment

– Family Services (Child Protection)

– Youth/Guardianship

– Adoption

– Resources (Foster care etc.)

– Child and Youth with Special needs

– Collaborative Practice